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The land contained in the Cornwell Ranch property boundaries provided lumber for the Northern Michigan growth and now provides enjoyment for those who participate in the hunting of deer, coyotes, beaver, muskrat, and other game animals.

Much of the ranch property was obtained by paying back taxes.  The lumber barons purchased the land for the lumber, took the lumber, and let the land go for taxes.  Our grandfather recognized the opportunity to accumulate land for another purpose: resting cattle horses, growing cattle, and eventually starting a dairy business.

Hunting as a business segment did not start until the mid to late 1900s.  Prior to this date, hunting was an occasional activity because the "across the straights" Northern Michigan was the place to hunt deer, bear, and other small animals.

In the mid 1960s, small game started to return to the mid Lower Michigan areas, and the Cornwell Ranch experienced a continued increase in small animal population.  Now in the early 2000s, deer and other small animals are causing farmers concern for crops and car drivers for accidents.

Hunters have the opportunity to manage the small game population so that everyone benefits.  The farm is a great food source for these animals, and the wet lands are fine homes for water born animals.  With the exception of turkeys, we have many game birds that have not yet returned to this area in significant numbers. Some say the slow return of pheasants and partridge is due to the coyote and fox population which is large; these groups of animals take the young birds early.  Though we are not completely sure, we do know that there are many coyotes and fox in the area. 

Hunting is a segment of our business that we expect to grow for the future.  It is important that all hunting is managed for good animal health and sportsman experience.

- The farm was originally called the Tobacco River Ranch because several miles of the river runs through the ranch land.
- Will Cornwell quit school after the eighth grade.

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